Introducing Meriweather

At long last, here are the before pictures of our house!


Just over a year ago we saw our house for the first time. We were drawn to it from the very moment we walked through the front door. Of course the first thing the homeowner said was, “It looks like a grandma decorated it, because I did.”

2GrandentranceAnd we could see she was right, but also that so much of it was surface aesthetics that could be changed with our own furniture, a new coat of paint, fewer window treatments, and definitely ripping out all that pink carpet. As we toured the house more and more things caught our attention and we could truly imagine ourselves here. Even though it’s a ton of house for just us. So get ready for a lot more pictures, because this place is big. Most of these pictures were taken on that first day we saw it, but a few are from a later visit when we could get shots without other people in them. They were all taken by Brian or I with our phones.

Main Floor:

4LivingRoomBeforeLabeled 9DiningRoomBeforeLabeled 12KitchenBefore1Labeled 13KitchenBefore2Labeled 14WaterclosetBefore1LabeledYes, the toilet matches the sink……

Now on to upstairs. There are four bedrooms! We believe the master bedroom was finished later, it may have been a screened-in porch or something but the doorway matches the rest of the door frames. What we have as the guest room was probably the original master. It has a large closet and a door that goes to the attic. One of the other bedrooms is now our library!

19LibraryBeforeLabeled 21GuestRoomBeforeLabeled 23PinkestRoomBeforeLabeled 26MasterBedroomBeforeLabeled

Between the first time we toured the house and the second there was a water incident in the upstairs bathroom. The floor was damaged as well as the kitchen ceiling, so we got the chance to pick the flooring we wanted as well as take the opportunity to take out the shower and make room for a bathtub in the future.

24UpstairsBathBeforestLabeled 25UpstairsBathCurrentlyLabeled

The laundry is still in the same place, it was just behind the shower that was removed. We did turn it to make it easier to use. We also had them move the sink across the room, but the toilet is still in the corner behind the door.

Once upon a time…er…well, yeah. There once was a carriage house because this was once a larger plot back when the house was built in 1904 or 1914 or whenever. Over the years it moved closer to the house and was a garage and eventually the previous owners just attached it to the house. This was one of the areas that really had us falling in love, a TV room attached to the master bedroom and downstairs an office attached to the kitchen. They also added a sunroom that’s just beautiful.

28TVroomBeforeLabeled 29OfficeBeforeLabeled 32SunroomBeforeLabeledSo there’s the overview of the “Before.” I can’t wait to show you how things look now! There are still so many things to change too, it’s getting an exterior paint job this month! And there are so many details throughout. I also didn’t even touch on the outdoor spaces. Stay tuned!